The State of Cannabis Customer Experience Report

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Why Customer Experience and the
Cannabis Industry​?

As Cannabis Industry sales continue to grow annually, awareness about the benefits of cannabis continue to increase as well. More and more cannabis products are being manufactured to meet the needs of a new diverse range of consumers that are becoming active buyers.

As the customer base continues to expand to include more demographics and more competitors continue to enter the market, cannabis consumers are beginning to expect more from the experiences that are being delivered to them. In standard consumer markets, customer experience has been integrated to business channels as a way to meet expectations, increase loyalty, and drive sales. In cannabis consumer markets, that void remains. This led us to ask the question, “What is the current state of Customer Experience in the Cannabis Industry?”

To find out, we conducted a global online survey of cannabis industry professionals to uncover trends, insights and benchmarks on this important topic. Please fill out the form and we’ll send you a copy of the survey report so you can benchmark your strategy and approach against your peers.

Understanding How Companies Can Survive & Thrive in the New Normal

As companies across the world grapple with changing consumer behaviors thanks to COVID-19, understanding your customers’ journeys is more important than ever.

But how are leading cannabis companies and organizations going about measuring and optimizing their Customer Experience (CX)?

To find out, RipeMetrics conducted a global online survey and compiled the results on this important topic.

A Full and In-depth Report


There are critical details of customer experience and employee engagment that cannabis businesses must address


There are guidelines your organization must follow to leverage customer data and analytics when making key decisions


There are questions you must ask when assessing if your business is meeting the expectations of your customers

About "The State of Cannabis Customer Experience" Report

This report will give you the insight you need to understand the variabilities of customer experience in the industry, the influence employee engagement has in the workplace and the importance of developing long-lasting customer relationships.

Please complete the form and we’ll send you a copy of the survey results so you can benchmark your strategy and approach against your peers.

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